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Explaining Pagan Gods and Human Idolatry

People were created to be worshippers. That’s one way of defining the image of God in human beings. Humans are also fallen worshippers. Thus, our religious-based tendency to worship has expressed itself in distorted ways in human history. Recently I was asked a question about how to understand the pagan gods of the Old and New Testaments and human idolatry. Here’s the question: I’ve always dismissed other “gods” in the Bible as nothing…

In the East the doctrine of the trinity has remained a vital part of belief and worship, in contrast to the West, where for the vast majority it is little more than an arcane mathematical riddle, of no real consequence for daily living.

–Robert Letham, Through Western Eyes: Eastern Orthodoxy – A Reformed Perspective (UK: Mentor, 2007), 271-72.