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Reflections on Prayer (Part 2)

Today RTB editor Maureen Moser and I conclude a discussion on prayer. (See part 1 here.) **** C. S. Lewis is credited with saying, “I don’t pray to change God’s mind; I pray to change my mind.” What would you say is the purpose of prayer in Christian life? That’s a great comment by Lewis. The purpose of prayer is…

Reflections on Prayer (Part 1)

Prayer is an essential part of both the private Christian life and the church’s corporate worship. In this interview series, RTB editor Maureen Moser and I discuss the ins and outs of prayer. **** How does Scripture define prayer? I think the general answer to your broad question is that prayer is a line of communication between our Lord and…

Making Decisions: Six Criteria for Biblical Guidance

The big decisions of life (and even some of the smaller ones) can put us in a place where we need wisdom and guidance. When I’m faced with difficult decisions or simply need direction on how to handle a challenging issue or topic, I try to consider six sources of authority that are available to all Christians in pursuit of…

The believer in Christ must strive to make prayer an integral part of his or her lifestyle (as natural as breathing). In our constant communication with the Lord, we convey our needs to him and thank him for his grace, mercy, and continual provision.

–Kenneth Samples, Church lecture entitled “Facing Life’s Challenges and God’s Peace”

Podcast Review: Curiosity, Prayer, the Occult, and More

In addition to blog posts, I also address Christian worldview issues and critical thinking on a couple of RTB podcasts. Straight Thinking, my primary podcast, highlights the importance of the life of the Christian mind. I also make appearances with my fellow RTB scholars on I Didn’t Know That!, where we offer unscripted answers to listener questions.