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Blaise Pascal on the Human Condition

Poets, playwrights, philosophers, and psychologists all take their turns offering insights on the “human condition.” They seek to explain the basic nature, identity, struggle, and aspirations of human beings. In fact, all philosophies and religions try to define and explain humanity’s underlying condition. But do any of them succeed? One Christian author who I think has written candidly and insightfully about the state of…

The Incarnation in Light of the Image of God

The doctrine of the Incarnation (God coming in the flesh) stands at the very heart of historic Christianity and is celebrated around the world at Christmastime (known in the traditional church calendar as the Advent season). Borrowing from the fourth-century Christian church father Athanasius, C. S. Lewis unpacks the meaning of the Incarnation and explains the reason for the importance of…

Quote of the Week: Blaise Pascal

Man’s greatness and wretchedness are so evident that the true religion must necessarily teach us that there is in man some great principle of greatness and some great principle of wretchedness. — Blaise Pascal, Pensées, trans. A.J. Krailsheimer, rev. ed. (New York: Penguin, 1995), no. 149/430.