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Reflective Thinking: The Hard Part about Being a Christian Apologist

I’ve had the great honor and pleasure of meeting (and, on occasion, getting to know) some of Christianity’s finest contemporary apologists of the last 50 years. These people have taught me so much about logic, philosophy, history, science, literature, theology, and doctrine. In many ways, whatever limited apologetics wisdom can be gleaned from my own books was shaped by other…

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

A critical component of living a good (happy, satisfying, and meaningful) life is incorporating the concept of gratitude. Being aware of and appreciative for the good things one has been given can serve to transform one’s whole existence. This attitude of gratitude in life is one of the most important teachings from the historic Christian world-and-life view.

Thinking about Suffering and Death, Part 3

Courage is a virtue that I’ve always admired and respected. Growing up I was deeply impressed and proud of my father’s strength and valor as a frontline combat soldier in World War II. By extension, I appreciate and respect all people—such as noble police officers, firefighters, and soldiers—who willingly put their life on the line for others.

Three Reasons I Love the Christmas Season

As the song goes “Christmas time is here.” People are busy shopping, baking, and reliving their special Yuletide traditions. For many churches, the Christmas traditions include Advent ceremonies. Advent, which means “coming,” is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s first coming into the world to rescue sinners from God’s inevitable just wrath and the anticipation of his hoped for second coming.