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How Would You Introduce Your Faith?

Have you ever been asked to introduce yourself in a public setting? What if you were asked to introduce your Christian faith to a group of non-Christians—what would you say? As you think about the question you might consider conveying that the Christian faith is a set of beliefs—but it also involves an important collection of values, and it is…

5 Levels of Christian Faith

We often use the word “faith” to describe the core of someone’s beliefs—but people of differing religions use the term in very different ways. This has challenged me to more carefully probe the distinctive features of the word “faith” from the perspective of historical Christianity. Faith is much more profound than simply recounting our personal conversion story. Rather, Christian faith…

Risen and What Makes a Good Christian Film

Christian filmmakers are on a roll. The last several years have brought us an increasing number of religious films, many bordering on mainstream and featuring globally recognized stars. But among the miraculous true stories and positive message films, Risen, the tale of a skeptical Roman soldier Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) encountering the risen Christ (Cliff Curtis), is the one that caught…

Faith and good works are in no way mutually exclusive. It is certainly important to stress that we do not come to faith by doing good works, as if we could somehow buy our way into the kingdom of God. But real faith gives rise to good works naturally, just as a tree bears fruit or a vine bears grapes…. Faith, then, is active, seeking to express itself in the way we live, not just the way we think.

— Alister McGrath, I Believe (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1991), 23.

To call God “Father” and be filled with anxiety and doubts is to deny his name.

— John R. W. Stott, Basic Christianity (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1980), 66.

Three Reasons I Love the Christmas Season

As the song goes “Christmas time is here.” People are busy shopping, baking, and reliving their special Yuletide traditions. For many churches, the Christmas traditions include Advent ceremonies. Advent, which means “coming,” is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s first coming into the world to rescue sinners from God’s inevitable just wrath and the anticipation of his hoped for second coming.

Faith, Reason, and Personal Persuasion

Recently a newspaper reporter asked me to respond to two provocative questions: (1) “Is it necessary to leave reason and move to faith in order to embrace Christianity?” and (2) “If there are strong arguments in support of Christianity’s actually being true, then why aren’t more people, particularly intelligent, well-educated people, persuaded as to its truth?”