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7 Common Myths about Old-Earth Creationism

  Sometimes being an apologist isn’t just about defending the faith to unbelievers; sometimes it also includes explaining our doctrinal positions to other Christians. When I was homeschooling our children, church friends would often express concern over our family’s belief that the earth was billions—not thousands—of years old. Many had heard some fairly alarming assertions about Hugh Ross, my employer,…

The Genesis Creation Days and Christianity’s Two Books

Dr. T. David Gordon is one of my favorite biblical scholars and theologians. He serves as professor of religion and Greek at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. I was honored to have him as a special guest on two provocative Straight Thinking episodes. In the interview, Dr. Gordon critiques the calendar-day (or solar-day) interpretation of Genesis’ creation days and explains…

Psalm 104: A Poetic View of Creation

Here I present an article by my RTB colleagues, Krista Bontrager and Fazale Rana–excerpted from their latest booklet, Psalm 104: In Wisdom You Made Them All, available from reasons.org in May. **** While you may not have noticed the connection with Genesis 1, Psalm 104 offers a poetic meditation on key themes presented in the first chapter of the Bible.…

Augustine on the creation days of Genesis:

What kind of days these are is difficult or even impossible for us to imagine, to say nothing of describing them.

— Augustine, City of God, trans. Henry Bettenson (New York: Penguin Classics, 1984), book 11, chapter 6, 436.