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Top 12 Defenders of the Faith

You know how I like lists, well here’s my all-time defenders of the faith list. The last three are still alive and defending. Top Twelve Favorite Christian Apologists List (outside the New Testament and in historical order only) 1. Athanasius 2. Augustine 3. Bonaventure 4. Thomas Aquinas 5. Blaise Pascal 6. Benjamin Warfield 7. C. S. Lewis 8. Walter Martin 9.…

Logic 101: Christianity and Reason, Part 7 (of 12)

A skeptic once sent me an email informing me that Christians could never genuinely value and utilize logic and critical thinking because their faith prohibits them from basing their beliefs on rational considerations. Thus, the skeptic concluded, logic and critical thinking are at odds with the Christian conception of faith (particularly believers’ acceptance of the Bible as a divine revelation.)