From the Archives: Understanding Islam in the Twenty-First Century


It’s one of the fastest growing religions in the world, it’s been around since the seventh century, and it is regularly in the news—often associated with atrocities committed by its most militant members (the Charlie Hebdo shooting and the Boko Haram kidnapping of 300 girls come to mind). How can we understand Islam in the twenty-first century?

I appreciate that people would like to know about Islam, but the common approach is to make it simple, to boil Islam down. But we’re talking about 1.6 billion people; we’re talking about many different countries; we’re talking about many different stripes and divisions within the religion (there are extremists, liberal moderates, and middle-of-road traditionalists). So, being able to sort it all out easily is difficult.

That being said, the articles and podcasts here are intended as jumping off points for coming to grips with Islam in the world today, particularly as it relates to America in these post-9/11 years.


Understanding Muslims

World Religions: The Prophet and the Son of God” (article)

Islam and the Middle East Crisis” (article)

Muslims, Hindus, and Christians: An Interview with Christian Apologist Prashanth Daniel” (podcast)

From Muslim Apologist to Christian Scholar: An Interview with Abdu Murray, Part 1” (podcast)

From Muslim Apologist to Christian Scholar: An Interview with Abdu Murray, Part 2” (podcast)

America and Islam

Is America Really the ‘Great Satan’?” (article)

Reflective Thinking: The War on Terror” (podcast)

America and Islam: Is America Islamophobic?” (podcast)

America and Islam: Coming to Grips with Islam” (podcast)

America and Islam: The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy” (podcast)

Islamic Extremists

Jihadists and The Narrative: The Importance of Worldview Thinking” (podcast)

9/11 Truthers Steal Al Qaeda’s Thunder” (podcast)

Special Edition: Reflections on Obama’s Statement, ‘Today Is a Good Day for America’” (podcast)

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