One thought on “Quote of the Week: Open Range

  1. Ian Clark
    September 23, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    … and one of those things is the future!

    I’m afraid this is a pretty blatant segue, but I actually want to endorse a frequent teaching of Ken’s, “before we talk about where we disagree let us first talk about where we agree.”

    Yesterday the Toronto Chapter of Reasons to Believe had a booth at Toronto’s Word on the Street, a downtown book fair event. At the booth I was approached by a gentleman who broached the subject of a focus on the present. I responded that the Bible teaches that we focus on the present and not be anxious about the future, that is rest in God and focus on the now. This was in fact the message he had intended to convey to me. He seemed to be a little taken aback to have this coming at him, perhaps surprised. We spoke a while in agreement of this Biblical perspective and he didn’t seem to know how to proceed beyond this. It was a very congenial discussion with mutual respect and that still small voice told me that this was enough for the encounter. In the end he turned out to be representing Islam.

    As he walked away I was left with the feeling that he was quite surprised to hear that this is a Biblical teaching. My prayer is that a curiosity was awakened in him about the Bible. I feel pretty certain that this is indeed the case, for I trust God and His fantastic love. I was also left quite conscious of the wisdom of this advice from Ken; sometimes discussing what is agreed is all that’s needed. Some plant, others water, but it is God who brings in the harvest. I pray that the Holy Spirit has planted a seed through me.

    I encourage others to follow this excellent advice by Ken. If nothing else the warm and uplifting feeling from this encounter was quite a reward in and of itself. For Ken, I thank you for this and the many excellent exchanges of ideas that you facilitate, especially on Straight Thinking.

    With Love in Christ,

  2. September 25, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing that great story, Ian. When we start with the goal of finding common ground it so often puts our later discussion of the differences in a more respectful light.

    Best regards.

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