Working Hard in London

Here’s a list of my speaking events over the last seven days in the United Kingdom:

  • 4 radio interviews
  • 2 television interviews
  • Lecture at Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics: “The Authority of Scripture (Sola Scriptura)”
  • Lecture at City Temple Koinonia: “Best Explanation Apologetics”
  • Talk to London pastors about Reasons To Believe
  • 3 talks at the Unbelievable Conference: “Confessions of a Compulsive Thinker,” “CLEAR Reasons Christianity Makes Sense,” “Evangelism in a Multifaith World,” plus a Q&A with the other conference speakers
  • Sermon at City Temple: “Do All Religions Lead to God?”
  • Sermon at Duke Street Church: “What Does It Mean to Be Made in the Image of God?”
  • Debate at Gunnersbury Baptist Church: “Old-Earth Creationism vs. Young-Earth Creationism”

I often describe myself as “a thinker, but not a doer.” But after this busy week in London, it seems I qualify as both!

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