Podcast Highlight: Movies, Anthropology, and Reasoning

I’ve been addressing a potpourri of topics on my podcast, Straight Thinking. The goal of the podcast is similar to Reflections’: highlighting the importance of careful thinking in relation to the Christian worldview. Check out these recent podcast series for a sample of the issues we cover on Straight Thinking.

“How to Watch a Movie” Part 1 and Part 2
Theologian and film major Krista Bontrager joins me and physicist Dave Rogstad for a two-part discussion on movies. We cover issues like choosing which films to watch and which to pass up, how films communicate and impact worldviews, and aspects of good storytelling.

“Biblical Anthropology: Dichotomy or Trichotomy?” Part 1 and Part 2
Are humans simply a body and a soul (dichotomy)? Or are we body, soul, and spirit (trichotomy)? With Dave Rogstad, I dig into this meaty and mysterious topic that I believe impacts how we interpret the biblical concept of imago Dei—humans created in God’s image.

“Best Explanation Apologetics: Abductive Reasoning” Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
While people may have heard of inductive and deductive reasoning, abductive reasoning is lesser known. Yet I believe this form of logic is a powerful tool for Christian apologetics. In this series, I explain how abductive reasoning works and how to apply it to apologetics.

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