Month: November 2011

Money, Fame, and Influence: HBO’s Documentary on Former Beatle George Harrison (Part 3)

What’s the true measure of success and influence in life? What criteria should be used to determine this judgment? I think it’s safe to say that by most standards The Beatles were definitely successful as a popular music band. According to Wikipedia, The Beatles’ record sales stand at an incredible 2.3 billion units worldwide. This statistic clearly makes the Fab…

Regardless of life’s circumstances, we can always rejoice in the Lord for his sovereign control over our lives and for the Father’s loving-kindness extended to us in Christ Jesus and by the Holy Spirit.

–Kenneth Samples, church lecture entitled “Facing Life’s Challenges and God’s Peace”

The believer in Christ must strive to make prayer an integral part of his or her lifestyle (as natural as breathing). In our constant communication with the Lord, we convey our needs to him and thank him for his grace, mercy, and continual provision.

–Kenneth Samples, Church lecture entitled “Facing Life’s Challenges and God’s Peace”

Quote of the Week: Peter Toon

Jesus of Nazareth was put to death on a cross outside the city walls of ancient Jerusalem. Crucifixion was a Roman form of execution used chiefly for slaves. It was a degrading way to die and was never used for Roman citizens. Cicero, the great defender of classical culture and civilization, regarded this form of execution as barbaric. –Peter Toon, The…

Podcast Review: Curiosity, Prayer, the Occult, and More

In addition to blog posts, I also address Christian worldview issues and critical thinking on a couple of RTB podcasts. Straight Thinking, my primary podcast, highlights the importance of the life of the Christian mind. I also make appearances with my fellow RTB scholars on I Didn’t Know That!, where we offer unscripted answers to listener questions.