One thought on “Quote of the Week: Westminster Shorter Catechism

  1. Euvangelia
    July 19, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    Interesting that there was no response to this . . . when, in fact, it is a question of profound Truth and unsearchable depth. The “chief end” or purpose of man is the primary question of everyone on the planet: why am i here? And in the end, it is the answer which each of us discovers (or fails to discover) for ourselves that makes a life well-lived or a failure.
    For my part, glorifying God and enjoying a relationship with Him is my purpose. God is Love [Pure, Gracious, Generous, Patient, Determined, Pursuing Love] and it is my desire to be more like Him each day; and, ultmately, to let His Light, His LovingKindness, shine through me to all those around me. i should hope, also, that i might be pleasing to Him in some small way. (i am certain He laughs at my “faux pas-es” quite often!) He is worthy of my awe and adoration.

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